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Deaf Pagan Crossroads is a blog site how to deposit money on pocket option created by a Deaf Pagan, in order to explore and share her journey as she merges her identity as a Deaf individual with her spirituality as a practicing Pagan.

This site was established in November of 2006 by Virginia L. Beach, better known in the Pagan Community as Reverend Ocean - a Wiccan High Priestess and ordained Pagan Clergy from the Midwest of the USA. Ocean, who is Deaf herself, has been a member of the Deaf Community and the Pagan Community for many years, and as she became more and more involved with the “Blogosphere,” she saw blogging as serving a dual purpose: an opportunity to share her own experiences; and also to be a resource both for Deaf individuals wanting to learn more about the Pagan Path, and for Pagan individuals wanting to understand more about Deaf Culture.

Thus, Deaf Pagan Crossroads was born…a blog site where Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing individuals can come together to learn about and discuss various aspects of spirituality, with a special focus on Earth-Based Faiths. While most of Ocean’s posts here talk about the various aspects of Paganism, it is recognized and respected that there are many ways of enlightenment and many paths to the Divine. Thus all are welcomed here, as long as you come in the spirit of love, trust, and respect for others.

Why “Crossroads?” Because pocket option deposit hopefully this site can serve as a crossroads - a crossroads can be defined as an intersection; a place where two or more roads meet; a place where different cultures meet. Indeed, that is what Deaf Pagan Crossroads aspires to be…an intersection of Deafness and Paganism…a place where these two roads can meet and merger…a place where different cultures can come together to meet and learn about one another.

This is Deaf Pagan Crossroads. May you come in love and trust, harming none and respecting all. There is only one rule here - there are no rules, only personal responsibility… and everyone is expected to maintain their own responsibility - to themselves, to each other, and to the spirits.

Thus I welcome you, and I hope that you will come to visit often. Feel free to post comments to any of my blogs - in fact, I encourage you to “post long, and post often!” While it is not the intention of Deaf Pagan Crossroads to be a web community, an on-line coven, or an internet teaching program, I do hope I can provide a place for you to explore your own path, and gain support, encouragement, and guidance from others as you continue your journey.

Brightest Blessings,

~ Ocean

For more information or to contact Ocean directly, you can email her at




  • may this website be the launching pad for a spiritual pocket options minimum deposit revolution within the deaf community. the need for a new conduit to “God” and a new outlook upon life is slowly becoming apparent in this hectic world of ours. huzzah!

  • Thank you for your kind words, Boris the Bear!

    You’ve made some interesting comments that have gotten me thinking….

    Is there a “spiritual revolution” happening within the Deaf Community? Is it needed? Why? What’s causing it?

    Is this spiritual revolution limited solely to the Deaf Community, or are we seeing happening all over, in all different types of communities? Is society in general undergoing a spiritual revolution?

    Is a new outlook upon life indeed becoming apparent…especially within the Deaf Community? I think about the recent Gallaudet Protest, and in fact I wrote about this from a spiritual perspective - and hope to get those articles posted up here in Deaf Pagan Crossroads soon for everyone to read.

    Undoubtedly the Gallaudet Protest has led to a new outlook within the Deaf Community. Will such an outlook lead to new explorations of spirituality within the Deaf Community, as a way of trying to understand and deal with this “hectic world” of ours?

    Hmmmm….interesting questions. I’d be curious to see what others have to say.

    Comments, anyone???

  • Mist Raven (Peggy)
    November 17th, 2006 at

    I think a big step would be getting signs/vocabulary in place so spirituality can be accessible. Maybe it’s time to get serious about this.

  • Good point, Mist Raven. One of the things that I have often been approached about is the issue of Pagan Signs - do signs related to “Earth-Based Spirituality” exist, and if so…where and how can one learn them?

    This is a topic that I do hope to discuss in the near future here in Deaf Pagan Crossroads. Undoubtedly, there is a need for some type of resource that Pagans can utilize for learning such sign vocabulary.

    This isn’t to say there are no Pagan Signs - those within the Deaf Community have developed such signs to meet our needs when required. But you are right - they don’t normally show up in sign language books, or in ASL classes.

    I agree - maybe it IS time to start getting serious about this!

  • I was just on a website I was referred to by one of my son’s teachers. It’s www.signpagan.org It’s BSL, though.

  • Thanks for the info, Mist Raven! This is a very interesting site indeed!

    It does give me some ideas for a future project that perhaps people from Deaf Pagan Crossroads would like to work on…I certainly see how a similar site for ASL Pagan Signs would be beneficial.

    However, at the risk of coming across sounding like an evil witch-bitch …I’m not sure we are quite ready to go there at this point. Deaf Pagan Crossroads is a very new site, and I’m still trying to get it built up and attract people to comment and discuss the various topics that are posted here.

    I do understand that Earth-Based Signs is an important topic to you, and I agree it is something to focus on - in the future. We have to take it step by step. I think we need to start slow and then progress as more people get involved. A project like what signpagan demonstrates will require the efforts of a number of people, with various technical skills.

    I do think we need to begin with a post that focuses on the topic of Pagan Signs…I will think about this over the weekend, and see if I can write up an article on such.

    In the meantime, perhaps you want to take a look at the article I wrote titled “Out of the Broom Closet” - which you can find under “Recent Posts.” I noticed that you talked about being referred to the signpagan website by one of your son’s teachers…this suggests that you are “out of the broom closet” yourself, or at least did so with this individual. I would be curious to learn about your experiences in doing so - apparently it was accepted by this teacher, since she did provide you with the information on the signpagan site…

    Thanks for posting your comments…and welcome to Deaf Pagan Crossroads!

  • Hi Virginia

    I am wondering if we know each other cuz I know a deaf woman bearing the same name, but don’t know if it was you or not. I don’t see any contact information, so I hope you will contact me at mishkazena@aol.com


  • I love this site - lady bless and guide your feet!

  • wildstarryskies
    January 17th, 2007 at

    I am not pagan, per se, but I am certainly fascinated by your beliefs and find its trappings very attractive as well as the underlying truths (which is common to all world religions) to be a source of insight.

    Best of luck on your pagan journey.

    May the Godess be with you.

  • Greetings. PaganSojourn linked to your blog and I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to the pagan blog world.
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Although I am not deaf myself, I was a part of my deaf community for several years and am now considering taking some refresher courses in ASL for business purposes. You have a beautiful blog here. Thanks for posting!
    -Little Heathen Fox

  • Merry Meet and Welcome to Deaf Pagan Crossroads, to everyone who has posted a comment here!

    I have made contact with Elizabeth, and we were former classmates at Gallaudet…it was nice to meet up with someone from my college days and talk about where we’ve been and how far we’ve come since then.

    Rainmound - thank you for your blessing, and hopefully the lady will keep me from stumbling along the path!

    Wild Starry Skies - I have found those same underlying truths to be a source of insight for myself as well. May the Goddess be with you also.

    Kitsune - Thanks for dropping in and saying hello! You are a great example of what I hope to achieve with this blog - the coming together of the deaf and hearing communities to share and learn from one another. Best of luck with your ASL classes, and I hope to see you here again!

    Please feel free to come here at any time and read through the blogs, and share your comments.

    Remember also that I’m always open to those who wish to consider writing a “guest blog” for this site, so feel free to contact me if you wish to do so.

    Goddess Bless and Goddess Keep ~


  • MM Ocean!

    Great site! I’m not deaf, but I am Pagan. Feel free to stop by my blog.


  • Great idea for a blog.

    The last Pagan Federation Conference (UK) I went to was entirely signed (in BSL) as well as spoken, and the signer got a standing ovation at the end from the whole audience.

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