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I just love this picture, which was sent to me a week or so ago by a friend and fellow Pagan. I’m not sure where he got the picture or who took it, but I find it quite appealing. It makes me think of a delightful young female tree spirit, engaging in joyful dance…


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Together, in peace…

Let us promise

To care for all her lands and seas

To nurture every creature

To love, to live in harmony

with Mother Earth, our teacher
To learn more about this post and its photography and prose, please click here to continue on to Robin and Ocean’s notes on this collaborative project…
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I want to thank Osh for asking me to collaborate with her once again. I always enjoy our combined efforts to put something together in both words and photographs. Although we haven’t openly discussed our beliefs, I suspect they’re very similar which is why we work so well together. […]

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