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My apologies for the delay in announcing the winners for the Equal Communication Access Blogging/Vlogging Contest. Things were a little delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, but the judges have made their final decisions, and it’s now time to share the results!
We did not have as many entries as we had hoped, but […]

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The below was originally written as a comment in response to my post about whether Deaf people know “how to dance”… not dancing literally; but rather, the concept of standing up for themselves, expressing themselves, and celebrating themselves in the midst of the cultural revolution we seem to be undergoing. I enjoyed reading this comment […]

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Although we did not have the number of entries we had hoped for in the Equal Communication Access Blogging/Vlogging Contest, we still received a number of entries, which are listed below:
Lois’s My World at a Glance
“Equal Communication Access”
Deaf Culture On-Line
“Intimate Moments”

Signs of the Times
“Being the Belief”

Independent Entry
“A Day In […]

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Here is one of the entries for the Equal Communication Access Blogging & Vlogging Contest, submitted by “WAD.” Because this individual does not have a blog site, this entry is being posted here for everyone’s reading pleasure.
In this entry, WAD has chosen to show a schedule of a day in a deaf/hard of hearing […]

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Reminder, folks!
You have ONE WEEK LEFT to submit your entries for the ECA Blogging and Vlogging Contest!
Perhaps you are wondering why you should even bother to submit an entry? What’s the purpose of this contest? What good would it do?
Let me explain a little about the history of the Equal Communication Access Project and how […]

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Just come to the National Women’s Music Festival and dance to the music…
the rhythm’s gonna get ya!

Ocean sways to the beat as the musicians play on the stage

Osh and Lia rock on to the rhythm!

Ocean, Lia, & Tammy show the audience how to get down with the music

Wahru and Tammy groove to the beat

Some of […]

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You might recall that two months ago I attended the National Women’s Music Festival, held on the campus of Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. This was a wonderful four-day event with many different activities to participate in - workshops, musical performances, drumming circles, live auction, films made by women, dancing, vendors, rituals…
and a chance […]

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Ever wondered what happens to your email after you click that “Send” button? Perhaps this video will give you an idea…

This a collaborative video - the final product of a special Google contest held to request individuals to submit a video entry showing how an email travels around the world. The G-mail M-velope is the […]

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Greetings to All ~
As the Contest Coordinator of the Equal Communication Access Vlogging/Blogging Contest, I now stand humbly before all of you to say that perhaps I didn’t think this whole thing through carefully before I set it up. Maybe I was being a tad naive - thinking it would be a nice and simple […]

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As a result of feedback received from the Deaf Community, the ECA Campaign Committee members met to discuss and approve the following changes:
Equal Communication Access Blogging/Vlogging Contest

Entry Deadline Has Been Extended

New Deadline for Submitting Entries Is Now

September 22nd

Entries must be submitted by Midnight!

Contest Entries will be judged
& […]

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