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Love, Dating, and Deaf Dads!

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What do you do when you’re young, living at home…


and your dad is Deaf???


This video exness might give you an idea…it is both signed in ASL and captioned for those not skilled in sign language.


~ Ocean




Special thanks to CSDVRS for creating this video and giving the permission to post the link on this blog site…their services are valuable to all of us who desire full communication with each other, and are living proof exness south africa that through the power of technology, even love knows no barriers!







  • This online video was fabulous and made me smile! I love the premise and the real-life Valentine child sweetheart aspect was great.

  • Awww, Ocean that video is sooo precious!!
    CSDVRS is a very unique and intelligent thing, I believe my own grandmother (who is deaf) has this too and allows me to talk to her on the phone and It lets me get in touch with her in a level that I can’t experience in person because I can’t really communicate with her in a way and in depth that I want to.
    I like how the Dad gave in for the hockey game too, hehehe.
    Miss you Mum!

  • Ocean-

    Thank you SO much for this Valentine! What a wonderful exness broker review video the folks at CSDVRS have created…this is the 1st time I have heard of this service, is it free? Technology is a WONDERFUL thing. I absolutely love the story of young love in this video & this boys’ determination to win over the girl’s Dad; pulling out the big guns…hehe

    Big hugs to you on this Valentine’s Day!


  • Yes, indeed…CSDVRS is free for any and all to use.

    CSDVRS stands for Communication Services for the Deaf (a national organization serving the Deaf Community) Video Relay Service (using video technology to provide telecommunication relay services).

    For more information about CSDVRS, I encourage you to check their website at

  • well done

  • LOL. I love it!!! This was so cute and since I am a dad with 2 young daughters, this made it a very special Valentine! Thank you so very much, I am going to share this with all of my family.

  • was interesting to see deaf people having a conversation, and it was nice to have translation for those of us that dont know sign. and i got a kick out of the way the little boy conned the dad into the date, it was cute bb birch

  • Can’t see the video, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Took it a little time to download the first time I tried to watch it, but haven’t had any problems since. They do tell you to be patient and give it some time to download. I have high-speed cable access, so that wasn’t a big problem, just that first time I guess it took my computer a little time to figure out which program it was using, etc - but since then I have watched it a few times and tested the link here, and it’s been fine. I’m not a computer expert, so I can’t say what the difficulty might be.

  • This is such a cute video! :-)

  • I finally got the chance to watch this video. How cute! Smart young man - offer to take the Dad to the hockey game to get a date with his daughter! LOL - Love it. CSDVRS is an excellent service and this video was a great way to show how the service works. Ocean and I have spoken via telephone several times since she got this video relay service, but this is the first time I’ve gotten to see an example of how it works on her end. Cool! I like it!

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